Adopt #1 [Milk Tea Girl + Green Tea ver]

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Adopt #1 [Milk Tea Girl + Green Tea ver]

Chanti Lin
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⚠The files couldn't unzip through WINRAR, please use 7-ZIP.


★7-ZIP DL下載:http://www.7-zip.org/download.html


✦Milk Tea Girl + Green Tea version.


✦Full-res PNG without watermark & background.

✦Full-res PNG with a simple background, without watermark.

✦Full-res layered PSD/CLIP.


✦An quick doodle. (Send me a message here → [chantilin.carrd.co] and ask a request.)
✧快速塗鴉一枚(在我的任一網站傳訊給我點圖 → [chantilin.carrd.co])


☑Commercial use is allowed, must credit me/link back.

☑Trading/gifting/reselling is allowed, must be the same or lower price.

☑Change clothing/hair/eyes color or style is allowed.

☑Change gender/species/name/breast cup etc is allowed, if you want to change it to a specie belongs another designer, please ask the species' creator.

☒No tracing/ripping-off.

☒Do not change skin tone.

⚠No refunds. Please make sure you are 18 years or older and you can handle the payment.

I want this!
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